Dental microscope

The main characteristics of the Proscoup Ecleris microscope are comfort, price and quality.

Proscoup Proscoup

Microscope head with 5-step magnification and 12.5x wide-angle eyepieces, Scott optics and ZOOM system, with an option of changing the light field diameter.

Varioskop is a built-in lens with a variable focal distance from 200 to 400 mm. The working distance can be comfortably changed without replacing the lenses and can be adjusted individually, making it easy to detect root canals, focus on them and observe the entire canal throughout the length.

Binocular tube, 180° adjustable.

LED lighting with LightBoost function.

Orange filter for working with composite materials and green contrast filter for working with soft tissues.

30° interface with a port for photo/video adapter. Adapter for connecting Canon camera.

Angled optics, rotary adapter.