Medit i500

Intraoral scanner
The high performance Medit i500 intraoral scanner has an open system for an integrated CAD/CAM workflow, providing high accuracy and speed.
Medit i500


Scanning the tooth before preparation and using it as a landmark or for transferring the shape for restoration.

Realtime superposition of negative and positive images, which allows to capture the deepest areas (inlays, butt joint).

Selection of the scanning quality (HD or SD) makes it possible to use the maximum resolution only in the working areas, which makes the resulting file as easy to use as possible.

Medit i500 Medit i500 Medit i500 Medit i500

It can also be used as a camera. HD photographs can be sent to the laboratory or can be used for communication with the patient.

It allows the user to analyze the occlusion quickly, showing the result in colour and digital codes. Repeating the scanning strategy helps the user analyze the images and improve his/her skills.