Single data space for different diagnostics
It was designed for collecting a full-fledged customized digital protocol based on data of various types of diagnostics. 


SDiMatriX Studio
System requirements

Diagnostic data

Diagnostic data are divided into static and dynamic ones, and for planning the patient's treatment, it is necessary to collect information about the existing abnormalities in a single case, which as a result makes it possible to analyze the patient’s situation step-by-step and make a treatment plan. The fundamental point in the software is the registration of dynamic parameters, which makes it possible to visualize disorders in the joint movements and dental arches, as well as the patient’s functional and aesthetic parameters.

Proart makes it possible to collect a full-fledged customized digital protocol, based on data from various types of diagnostics, namely:

  • axiography
  • CBCT
  • face scanning
  • uploading virtual models data 
  • mandibular segmentation based on the CBCT data and analysis of joint movement
  • work with analog and virtual articulators
  • customized algorithm for mounting models based on the CBCT data
  • cephalometric analysis using CBCT
  • diagnostics and analysis of the new position of the lower jaw
  • static and dynamic occlusion using virtual models

System requirements
Intel® Core™ i5-8gen Processor
Video card
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650
8 Gb
150 Gb
Operating system
Windows 10 & 11