The module is intended for planning prosthodontic treatment, determining individual settings for the articulator and exporting the necessary information to the laboratory.
Proshtetics Proshtetics


  1. Cephalometric calculations using CBCT and constructing a 3D occlusal plane.
  2. Constructing a 3D Monson’s sphere.
  3. Cephalometric calculations of the occlusal vertical dimension.
  4. Automatic calculations (AI analysis) for programming the articulator using artificial intelligence.
  5. Dynamic cephalometric analysis.
  6. Determination and displacement of the lower jaw to a new calculated position.

The obtained axiography data are automatically analyzed by the software using artificial intelligence, and a report is generated. The occlusal plane or Monson's sphere are constructed based on the CBCT data, which makes it possible to generate 3D data for the technician, who receives the constructed plane in the STL format and uploads it into the software for modeling.